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Your Only Friend - For Love and Demolition

Nesta is an obscure songwriter/poet who has traveled the world finding inspiration through people, places, and experiences. Much of his writing is a metaphoric journey of his interpretations of life.

He is the son of a professional Jazz Big Band composer and has studied music for his entire life. Nesta plays multiple instruments and has performed with dozens of bands over the last 20 years.

 Nesta released his debut album "When the Clouds Break" in Feb of 2016 at The GoonDocks Studio (St. Augustine, FL). He released his next album "For Love and Demolition", a collection of heartfelt songs inspired by love and heartbreak. His latest album is a stripped down acoustic presentation focusing on songwriting and deep content. It features Tova Bielski on vocals and Sam Shin on cello.

Nesta currently resides in the seaside town of St Augustine, FL. He is working on his third album and preforming with his acoustic trio featuring Tova Bielski and Sam Shin

Follow Nesta on Instagram @zenwithin