When the Clouds Break was written and recorded over a three year process after Nesta relocated to Saint Augustine, Florida. He found himself in a place where he lost everything he had in his life up to that point. He came to the seaside town to heal. A big part of this healing process was focusing on music and writing. He met and became good friends with Micah Gilliam owner of The Goondocks Studios and an amazing musician, and they went to work. " The chemistry in the studio between Micah and I was amazing. He understood my vision and we created it".
 When the Clouds Break was released in Feb 2016. It is an album spanning a wide spectrum of musical sound. It is an album meant to be listened to from first to last note, and tells a story of someone losing themselves in life and the process of finding themselves through time and experience. "I hope people who are in a hard place in life, because it happens to everyone, can find comfort and peace through their relation to the music. This album is a piece of artwork but also a story that is universally felt."
All 12 songs are written and arranged by Nesta. He and Micah played all the instruments and Micah's wife Lauren also sang on a few tunes. You can listen to the entire album here, and purchase the download for only $4, if you want to help support the art.